Bathtub And Countertop Refinishing -
Walk-In Tub Door System

Full Shot with Various Products (1)The Safeway Step is an affordable option that lets you retrofit your bath tub into a walk-in shower, making your tub handicap-accessible with easy access.
The Safeway Step can be installed in most types of tubs, including steel, fiberglass and even cast iron! Installation involves cutting a section of your tub, and then custom fitting that cutout opening with the Safeway Step.
 Walk-in Bathtubs  are ideal for people with Limited Mobility, Seniors, Disabled and people with pain, arthritis, stress and other debilitating conditions. The Original ”Easy Bathe” Walk-in Bath is the perfect solution to help you regain your independence and are  ideal Walk-in Bath for people with a smaller stature.
The  Safeway Safety Step Tub Door system is designed to create a watertight, leak proof seal around Safety Tubs' generously sized doors. Guaranteed for life, this premium walk-in tub feature prevents leaks, and is unique to Safety Tubs.
Some of the benefits of the Safeway Step are:
Before After Photo
  • There is no need to remove your tub since the Safeway Step can be installed in the existing tub.
  • Easy access to the bath/shower area.
  • Less chance of falling
  • Costs considerably less than remodeling
  • Usually installed in less than one day.
  • Quickly and easily convert your existing bath tub into a walk-in bathtub for disabled bathers
  • Professional installation included in price
  • Installation takes about three hours; tub is usable 24 hours after installation
  • Save hundreds of dollars by choosing a conversion rather than a full walk-in tub
  • Perfect for in-home caretakers and clinical settings alike
  • Conversion allows for use of shower or bathtub - whichever you prefer
                    BEFORE                                                                              AFTER
    Before Safeway Step
    Tub Door After Refinishing

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