Bathtub And Countertop Refinishing -

Beautiful Countertop refinishing 
Now You Can Have the Look of Granite Up to 70% Less!
Get the beauty and look of granite Without the high cost and mess of installation

Resurfacing your countertops:
  • works with your existing countertop right in place - no need to remove the sink
  • eliminates the seams and edges often seen in old-style laminate tops
  • can save you up to 70% off the price of new solid surface countertop installation
  • most countertops are completed in just one days
Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing was never so easy. We’ll transform your kitchen or bathroom countertops at a fraction of the cost of replacement and without the inconvenience, mess or hassle. Our specially formulated and designed Multispec WaterColors for laminate, cultured or faux marble provides superior adhesion to all plastic substrates through its premium, modified high performance coating system for that perfect Cabinet Resurfacing.
Multispec WaterColors - Our revolutionary multi-color fleck design gives you the look and feel of stone or granite for all your countertop surfaces and can be created in endless color combinations. This multiple Countertop Refinishing technique process requires no under-coat or clear topcoat, making it unique in the resurfacing industry.
               BEFORE                                             AFTER
Before Counterto RefinishingAfter Countertop refinishing

Is your countertop chipped, worn or just out-dated ?
"MultiStone" provides a less costly
 alternative to replacing worn, unsightly laminate countertops!
Custom Edge Banding
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Before Corner Countertop
After Corner Countertop Refinishing
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After Kitchen Countertop Refinishing
Before Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen cabinet refacing is much less costly than cabinet replacement, which can cost from $15,000 to $40,000, as it typically involved remodeling the entire kitchen.
By resurfacing your kitchen cabinets you can take an outdated dark oak or metal cabinet from the 60´s and transform them to a bright and stylish miracle kitchen of the present. Cabinet resurfacing is similar to painting your cabinet only much more professional looking and much more durable through our finish methods. After a very intense preparation process the coating is sprayed on, thus there will be no roller or brush marks in the finish.
A lighter color cabinet will brighten any kitchen without adding any extra lighting. It also is a shame to throw away older cabinets as the quality usually is that of a very high grade of today. Then average kitchen takes 2–3 days and costs between $900.00 and $2300.00 and all work is done in your home, nothing to remove and come back later.
Minimum job: $395.00
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After Cabinet RefinishingBefore CabinetBefore Cabinet
After Cabinet Refinishing