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Countertop Warranty

Residential Limited Warranty

This warranty only covers work performed for residential home owners in their personal place of residence. If the property where work is performed is a rental, apartment, condominium, hotel, etc.. where the person(s) living in the residence are NOT the property owner than please view our Commercial Limited Warranty.

Bathtubs, wall tile, fiberglass fixtures, and countertops are warranted for a period of FIVE years against peeling or other failure of adhesion of the coating. Refinishing of sinks are not warrant. A spot (chip repairs) and all other surfaces are warranted for a period of ONE year against failure of adhesion, unless some other period is otherwise stated on the face of the invoice.

What to expect from your warranty …

Our resurfacing products are just as durable as laminate. We can give the look of stone or granite. We save you tons of money!! For example, laminate countertops can become damaged or worn and will eventually need to be replaced; however, laminate CANNOT be repaired.

Should our material or workmanship prove faulty during the warranty period, we will correct these faults at no additional cost to the user. We will cover flaking, peeling. This warranty does not cover man-made damage or negligence on the part of the user.

We DO NOT guarantee the following and the warranty will be voided if:

We DO NOT guarantee the following and the warranty will be voided if:

  1. The newly refinished area needs 24 HOURS to cure. Keep it free from water or any contact whatsoever during this time.
  2. You use harsh abrasive cleaners, bleaches, or scratch pads.
  3. You use products containing bleach, acids, etc., that may stain or mar the finish.
  4. Damage to the surface is caused by any burns, knife marks, sharp objects, etc., whether intentional or accidental.
  5. There is any movement in the substructure of the surface, which, in turn, causes movement in the refinished surface. Any resulting cracks or splits in the refinished surface or grout lines are not covered under the warranty.

Bathtub and Countertop Refinishing reserves the right to charge a minimum of $75 fee for any service call on items not covered under warranty. Bathtub And Countertop Refinishing has the final decision as to whether damage is warranty or non-warranty. Travel charges may apply if the fixture is located out of our service area.

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